Aristocrat Wall Key Cabinet
The most popular cabinet that combines utilitarian design and maximum security. This wall model provides for medium capabilities, and holds from one to four 100-key "Swingamatic" panels. Equipped with a "no-sag" door hinge, the Aristocrat is supplied with a nickel-plated brass, pin tumbler lock and two keys. Color: Gray, 18 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel. DIMENSIONS: 27"h x 13"w x 7 7/8"d
Key CapacityItem NumberDetailPrice
150T2001Cabinet Only310.00
150T2020Single Identification System424.00
150T2030Complete System445.00
250T2080Cabinet Only371.00
250T2100Single Identification System531.00
250T2110Complete System663.00
350T2150Cabinet Only436.00
350T2170Single Identification System630.00
350T2180Complete System801.00
450T2220Cabinet Only521.00
450T2240Single Identification System747.00
450T2250Complete System1,002.88