Big Head Key Cabinet
Designed to hold large head keys with adequate spacing, there is a special area on the rear wall of the cabinet to hold 25 to 50 standard sized keys. These cabinets are furnished with permanent and temporary key tags, key gathering envelopes, signature receipt forms, hook label strips and instruction book. Ideal for hotels. Color: Gray, 18 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel. DIMENSIONS: Small: 16 1/4"h x 12 1/8"w x 5"d Large: 27"h x 13"w x 7 7/8"d

Key CapacityItem NumberDetailPrice
25T9570Complete System244.00
25T9571Complete System384.00
50T9590Complete System472.00
50T9591Complete System520.00
50T9592Complete System566.00
50T9593Complete System668.00