Diplomat Table Key Cabinet
The functional design of the Diplomat makes it a high capacity unit of unusual flexibility. Features 5 to 12 "Swingamatic" key panels and has "Vistascope" doors which open to cabinet's full depth. This assures full visibility and accessibility. The Diplomat's doors have "no-sag" piano-type hinges, and are equipped with chrome plated locking door handles and two keys. Color: Gray, 18 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel DIMENSIONS: 30"h x 24"w x 10 1/2"d

Key CapacityItem NumberDetailPrice
500T2520Cabinet Only816.00
500T2530Single Identification System1,099.00
500T2540Complete System1,429.00
600T2550Cabinet Only911.00
600T2560Single Identification System1,211.00
600T2570Complete System1,597.00
700T2580Cabinet Only1,003.00
700T2590Single Identification System1,326.00
700T2600Complete System1,823.00
800T2610Cabinet Only1,062.00
800T2620Single Identification System1,403.00
800T2630Complete System1,914.00
900T2640Cabinet Only1,159.00
900T2650Single Identification System1,517.00
900T2660Complete System2,089.00
1000T2670Cabinet Only1,213.00
1000T2680Single Identification System1,597.00
1000T2690Complete System2,239.00
1100T2700Cabinet Only1,312.00
1100T2710Single Identification System1,707.00
1100T2720Complete System2,391.00
1200T2730Cabinet Only1,383.00
1200T2740Single Identification System1,804.00
1200T2750Complete System2,463.00