Regent Wall Key Cabinet
A small key cabinet that is ideal for departments of large companies or for users with a small number of keys to control. The Regent is easily mounted on the wall to keep keys at your fingertips, but out of the hands of unauthorized personnel. Once a Regent has been installed, it may be expanded up to 125 keys by simply adding one or two "Swingamatic" key panels. Each panel holds 50 keys. Door has "no-sag", continuous piano-type hinge, and is equipped with nickel-plated brass, pin tumbler lock and two keys. Color: Gray, 18 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel. DIMENSIONS: 16 1/4"h x 12 1/8"w x 5d"
Key CapacityItem NumberDetailPrice
25T1505Cabinet Only148.00
25T1520Single Identification System168.00
25T1530Complete System188.00
50T1600Single Identification System220.00
50T1610Complete System240.00
75T1650Cabinet Only246.00
75T1670Single Identification System256.00
75T1680Complete System288.00
125T1730Cabinet Only256.00
125T1750Single Identification System327.00
75T1760Complete System353.00