Senior Wall Cabinet
For larger key management users, the Senior Wall Cabinet is recommended. This model holds up to three "Swingamatic" key panels. Equipped with a "no-sag" door hinge, the Senior is supplied with a nickel-plated brass, pin tumbler lock and two keys. Color: Gray, 18 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel. DIMENSIONS:24 1/2"h x 18"w x 4 1/2"d
Key CapacityItem NumberDetailPrice
100A1300Cabinet Only216.00
100A1400Single Identification System253.00
200A1410Single Identification System343.00
300A1420Single Identification System370.00
400A1430Single Identification System485.00
500A1440Single Identification System566.00
600A1450Single Identification System643.00
700A1460Single Identification System729.00
100A1500Complete System361.00
200A1510Complete System420.00
300A1520Complete System485.00
400A1530Complete System586.00
500A1540Complete System643.00
600A1550Complete System761.00
700A1560Complete System868.00